Application forms

Ragarding acts which restriction is cancelled, organizer needs apply to related organs.

Acts which restriction is cancelled Application destination Application forms
Fire use
Dangerous objects bringing ※
・Smoke machine
・Naked flame
・Gas cartridge stove
・Solid fuel  etc.
Gifu North Fire Department ・Application for approval of cancellation of prohibited acts
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
2 letters
Nagaragawa Convention Center 1 letter
・Fire use application form
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
1 letter
Depending on the place of use
there is a possibility to use application placed on written notice in the right.
Please contact us if you have ant questions.
Gifu North Fire Department ・Application for event holding
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
2 letters
Nagaragawa Convention Center 1 letter
・Fire use application form
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
1 letter
・Laser equipment Nagaragawa Convention Center ・Application for use laser equipment
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
1 letter
Entry of animals ・Except guide dog, hearing assistance dog, service dog Nagaragawa Convention Center ・Entry of animals application form
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
1 letter
Specific work ・Flying
・Draining board handing
Nagaragawa Convention Center ・Application for specific work on stage
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
1 letter
Dangerous objects with
no need to apply to
Fire Department
・Dry ice etc.
Nagaragawa Convention Center ・No application form Please contact us before
using any objects.
In case organizer manages
exhibition, sells, photo shooting
in Lobby, Foyer or Citizen’s gallery
・Occupancy of shared spaces etc. Nagaragawa Convention Center ・Request regarding use of Citizen’s gallery and etc.
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
・Organizer and goods list
【PDF】【EXCEL】【Entry example】
・Layout plan
1 letter for each
Please ensure an evacuation route.
In case of risk of incident
due to rush in the event space
or stage by the visitors
during concert
or other performances
in Main Hall
or in case of using 2F
audience area
・To prevent crowd accident
there is a need to organize voluntary security system
Nagaragawa Convention Center ・Security plan
【PDF】【WORD】【Entry example】
・Layout plan
1 letter


In case of bringing explosive materials as naked flame and crackers or dangerous objects as smoke machine to the facility, organizer needs to apply to Fire Department and Nagaragawa Convention Center.
Please see required application forms in below

  1. Application for approval of cancellation of prohibited acts
  2. Copy of instruction manual of concerned dangerous object
  3. Stage layout plan
  4. Time schedule of your event

Please prepare document package with above four letters with 1 original and 1 copy and apply to Gifu North Fire Department in 2 weeks before event date.
After application is approved by Gifu North Fire Department, 1 package (★copy) will be returned after sealing. Please copy it and attach to “Fire use application form” and apply to Nagaragawa Convention Center in 1 week before event date.

【Application for approval of cancellation of prohibited acts】It takes around 1 week to get approval by Gifu North Fire Department.
【Application for event holding】It is accepted in short time after applying to Gifu North Fire Department.
【Gifu North Fire Department】058-231-5308

Layout plan, data download

Floor plan

Each facility floor plan, sectional plan, equipment’s

Name of the facility Content Download
Main Hall Audience area plan (1F) 【PDF】
Audience area plan (2F) 【PDF】
Stage floor plan 【PDF】
Stage sectional plan 【PDF】
Dressing room + Service yard 【PDF】
Citizen’s gallery・Foyer area plan 【PDF】
【PDF (including reduced scale)】
International Conference Room School style (regular) 【PDF】
Large Conference Room School style (regular), Theater style, partitioned use 【PDF】

Brochure・Fee Download

Nagaragawa Convention Center Brochure【PDF】 Nagaragawa Convention Center Usage guidance(Fee)【PDF】