Main Hall

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Main Hall from stage to audience area

Main Hall from audience area to stage

Main Hall from audience area to stage (resonant board)

Main Hall from audience area to stage (screen)

Drop curtain “Flow” (Tadao Ando)

Drop curtain “Song of praise for days and months” (Shiro Naganawa)

Main Hall 1F The Foyer

Main Hall 2F The Foyer

Main Hall Cloakroom

South Entrance, Inner part (entrance of Main Hall)

Waiting Room 1

Waiting Room 2

Waiting Room 3

Waiting Room 4

Waiting Room 5

Waiting Room 6

Main Hall Service yard

Main Hall Service entrance

Citizen’s gallery

Rehearsal Room

International Conference Room

International Conference Room 2-seater

International Conference Room screen

International Conference Room front door open

International Conference Room 3-seater

International Conference Room view from the front door


Large Conference Room

Large Conference Room

Large Conference Room screen

Large Conference Room 1/3 portion use school style

Large Conference Room 1/3 portion use theater style

Large Conference Room reception area


Small Conference Room

Conference Room 1

Conference Room 3

Conference Room 5

Conference Room 5 screen

Conference Room 5 reception area

Special Conference Room

Special Conference Room entrance


Public space in the facility

1F North Entrance Inner part

2F Lobby Hall①

2F Lobby Hall②

2F Lobby Hall③

2F Coffee Lounge①

2F Coffee Lounge②

2F Access Way①

2F Access Way②

3F Corridor①

3F Corridor②

4F Corridor


External overview of the building

Rooftop garden

External overview①

External overview②

External overview③

External overview④

External overview of International Conference Room


Car and bicycle parking area

Underground car parking entrance

Gifu Memorial Center South car parking area entrance

Nagaragaoka car parking area entrance

Bicycle parking area entrance

Sightseeing photos of Gifu city

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