International Conference Room

A two‐seater (regular layout)

A three – seater (layout change is needed)

International Conference Room introduction movie

This conference room is placed on the top floor, offering beautiful scenery of Mt. Kinka, Gifu Castle and Clear Stream of Nagara River flowing below. It is equipped with video/audio system as well as simultaneous translation in four languages, which creates an refined atmosphere for the conference.

International Conference Room layout

School style – 80 seats (see an illustration)

School style – 80 seats (see an image picture)

Outlook of International Conference Room

Name Area (m2) Ceiling (m) Seat numbers
International Conference Room 300 4~6 80

Horizontal banner: W3,600×H450
Drop curtain: W600×H2,500
Screen: around 200 inches (maximum W4,430×H3,050)
Table size: W1,800×D650×H705
Translation booth: 4 rooms

International Conference Room use fee

(Including tax)
Facility name/division Morning Afternoon Night All-day Use in off hours




Before 9:00 or
after 21:30
Per 1 hour
Connect to afternoon division
12:30 – 13:00
30 minutes during this time
International Conference Room 25,090 40,320 40,320 94,420 9,970 4,980
Discount for last minute reservation
【Date of the start of accepting orders
is opened on the first day of the month from 1 months before】
12,540 20,160 20,160 47,210 4,980 2,490

Accompanying equipment use fee

Usage plan example

Conference or seminar (around 80 visitors)

●Usage in the morning and afternoon (9:00~17:00)→morning: set up, afternoon: start of the event

①International Conference Room rental fee: 65,410 JPY
②International Conference Room equipment rental fee:
Meeting package: 9,340 JPY (including speech table, loudspeaker system, two wireless microphones)
Projector package: 5,350 JPY (including: portable video projector, screen, floor outlet)
*Fee of using air conditioning/heating is included in above.

①+②=80,100 JPY